Use LifeTime Premium In One Username Free

 Use Lifetime Premium In One Username | TradingView Premium Lifetime Free.

Intro- In this article i will give you one trick to use tradingView Premium Lifetime Free in one username. So read this article step by step & create premium account Free.

Free Premium In One Username-

                                                          Step.1- You need to go on old tradingview account then you need to click on profile setting, after going to profile setting you able to see here your old username & How month old your id My id is 4 month old.


Step2- Go to the scroll down Now you see here your public info, Now simply click on your username & change it fast. after than go to again scroll down & click on save changes option.

Step.3- Wow your old account username is changed successfully so log out your old account now.



Step.4- Create new tradingview account using same username After creating new account again you will see the 30 Days Trail option So Now click on the Premium option create premium account {Click Here For Premium Account Article} Now you are created successfully premium with old username {old Id} 


Outro- Thanks for reading this article i hope you are created premium in old id. enjoyπŸ˜‰


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